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AAA Music | 23 May 2024

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| On 18, Feb 2014


British Indie culture has seen so many contributions over the decades, and you cannot not acknowledge them, when it comes to reviewing a band. If you look at and hearThe Mispers, you’ll probably end up thinking they’re an intelligent mix of Oasis – more on a visual level than musical – The Kooks and Mumford and Sons. It has nothing to do with a lack of originality, au contraire; the London-based quintet are a peculiar rush of pure joy. Their music is energetic and fun but has an unexpected sensuality; most importantly, it makes you wish it would go on forever.

Too cheesy? Well have a listen to their new single Brother, the first track from their eponymous EP, and you’ll know what I mean. The song is a well-balanced mix of folk and indie-rock. Jack Balfour Scott‘s voice is rich, but has a charming quirkiness that will make you fall for him instantly, if you’re into that kind of thing of course. Hannah Van Den Brul‘s violin is magical and the pace she sets reminds of a modern folk ballad, spicy and harmoniously broken.

The video is the result of the happy professional connection between the band and director Emilie K. Sunde; it’s a window in the band’s life. Sunde was present during the time The Mispers were finding their identity, and the intimacy is perfectly showed in the video.

Word is they’re quite amazing on stage and if you guys want to have a go, I’d suggest showing up on the 28th February at Dingwalls in London. I’m pretty sure they won’t disappoint you.

Monica Guerrasio