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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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TIM PARIS – Dancers

| On 28, Mar 2014

TIM PARIS - Dancers

Being someone of quite an open mind and taste I was excited about listening to Parisian born London based Tim Paris’ debut. Not only was it the comparisons of his work to Daft Punk and M83, which to a certain extent there is a slight tinge of or the fact he had produced various remixes for well established artists such as The xx, Au Revoire Simone and Tiga I had my expectations a lot higher.

The opener ‘Golden Ratio’ (feat Georg Lavin), features synths and keyboards overlaid with guitar, the paces builds as the instruments are overlapped more frequently at which this point you think the song is finished. However it continues and it eventually drops about three minutes in and it feels a little unnecessary. The next track ‘Rain’ (feat Coco Solid), has a great old school vibe with an 80s style drumbeat intro,  smooth synthesisers and sultry spoken word which really channels Paris’ French roots as it conjures up images of bodies swaying on the dance floors in Europe somewhere at a discotheque. Another stand out track is ‘Minireich’ (feat Sex Judas and Rupert Cross), which would have not sounded out place on the Drive Motion Picture Soundtrack as it blends delicate synths, majestic funky beats with deep bassy vocals and thus creates this dark disco element. While album closer ‘Backseat Reflexion’ (feat Forrest), is minimal but effective featuring fluttering keyboards contrasted against a thumping drumbeat and gently brings the album to an end.

Though the beginning of Dancers is promising once you have reached track number five ‘Disco Ellipse’  the album does not really pick up and just becomes monotonous. The pace stays the same more or less throughout and nothing captures my attention up until track 11, which nonetheless is too little too late. Yes the album is cohesive and yes Paris’ experimental skills are evident with such a variation of intergalactic and electronic beats, haunting synths and computerised vocals combined to produce this LP, but something is missing. Maybe there is such a thing as over production and over thought, Paris take note.

Dancers is due to be released March 24th via My Favourite Robot Records as a download, CD and 2×12” Vinyl.

Lois Browne