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AAA Music | 27 February 2021

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4 Musical Instruments That Are Perfect For Beginners

18 January 2021 |

Everyone loves music, but not all share the same way how they enjoy it. Some prefer to sing it all out or play it using musical instruments. Everyone one of us has our own choice on how we link ourselves … Read More

Teach Yourself To Sing

14 January 2021 |

Whether you dream of performing your songs to a concert hall full of fans or perhaps you want to impress your co-workers and friends by being better at karaoke, teaching yourself to sing is a noble goal and can be … Read More

How to Find Out Which Musical Instrument You May Enjoy Playing

14 January 2021 |

Learning an instrument is a great way to expand your skills, expand your love of music, and find time in your life to sit down and focus on something that will help you grow as an individual. There are so … Read More

The Famous Singers and Musicians Who Like To Gamble

14 January 2021 |

Since musicians and pop stars have huge bankrolls and a lot of time to kill, it’s not a surprise that many of them love to try their hand at one of the oldest pastimes in the world—gambling. From slots to … Read More

6 Online Slots Machines Cheats That Players Used

14 January 2021 |

The first slot machines – the physical versions – were very easy to cheat. And many people did just that. The mechanical nature of the machines meant that tools could be used to manipulate the reels, ensuring they landed where … Read More

Honest Ways To Cheat At Online Slots

14 January 2021 |

Twenty-four years ago in 1996, InterCasino, the first ever online slot game, made its way onto the internet. It offered its users 18 games, and few could have predicted that this would boom into an entire industry.

Now, according to … Read More

The Winner Takes It All: Song Lyrics Inspired By Gambling

14 January 2021 |

Description:  Pick your favourite game and play the songs: Learn catchy lyrics and phrases from your favourite songs, inspired by the casino atmosphere, the winner takes it all!

Top catchy song lyrics inspired by gambling theme 

We have recently talked … Read More

Interested in Music Theory? Here’s What You Need to Know

31 December 2020 |

Similar to any language, music theory enables us to understand the structure and meaning behind a musical composition. It explains what we hear and allows us to speak with other musicians in a common language. Having at least basic knowledge … Read More

Top 7 GarageBand Alternatives for Music Production on Windows

23 December 2020 |

GarageBand is not something new and most of the musicians and artists are well aware of the advanced functionalities that this software offers. The only drawback of this user-friendly music production software is that it is officially available only for … Read More

Artists Featured On Music-Themed Slots

23 December 2020 |

Every gambler has a favorite view when it comes to casino themed slots. But as a fan of music artists, nothing will be more amazing than playing a music-themed slot with your favorite fan. And nowadays, there are tons of … Read More