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AAA Music | 30 March 2020

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How We Harness Music to Make Us Achieve More

31 January 2020 |

Everyone has a favourite genre of music. One that makes them feel good, brightens their mood, and helps them get through their day. 

A common interest in a particular genre or band can also help to create bonds between friends. … Read More

How Spotify Became the Vital Part of Music Streaming Industry

24 January 2020 |

If we judge the company based on the acceptance, Spotify is way ahead of other music streaming services. The popularity made spotify one of the most demanding music streaming sites in the world. Due to this popularity, competition among musicians … Read More

Melodies and Profit: How to Make Money as a Songwriter

15 January 2020 |

Being creative is one of the greatest parts of life. While not everyone is born with a desire to be in the spotlight or to become a superstar, that doesn’t mean they can’t still make money from their work.

Songwriting … Read More

How Do Free Online Roulette Games Work?

15 January 2020 |

Do you have an interest in winning in the online roulette? Well, it is easy to win if you understand all the requirements for playing there. However, if you’re not sure about your understanding of playing roulette, we have a … Read More

5 Benefits of Playing Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

20 December 2019 |

It’s hard to deny how important music is to the world. No matter your age, race, or gender, music has the power to move your spirit, make you fall in life, and give you a greater appreciation for life.

Learning … Read More

The Rich Rappers Have a Lot More Than 50 Cents

20 December 2019 |

Hardcore rappers have long told stories of overcoming poverty, childhood struggles, gang life, and more. While these rags to riches stories are mostly truthful in origin, things have changed and changed a lot for many of these urban music legends. … Read More

Best Christmas Songs of All Time

10 December 2019 |

So, Christmas is almost here. We know a lot of you have already planned for it, with most of you deciding where you want to spend it or which gifts you are buying for your loved ones. However, have you … Read More

How Did Old Town Road Become the Longest Running Billboard No. 1

10 December 2019 |

When Old Town Road reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, the magazine disqualified it from being included on the chart on grounds that it did not fit the country genre. Later, the song went to break … Read More

Spotify for Artists: The Complete Guide to Building Your Profile (And be Successful)

4 December 2019 |

If you love music, then you’ve heard of Spotify. Spotify is the digital streaming music platform boasting more than 96 million paid subscribers.

Spotify even lets you listen for free if you don’t mind a few ads thrown into … Read More

The Beauty of South Korea’s Image Is Shattering Under Scandals

3 December 2019 |

In the Western world, the picture of South Korea is very positive and is perceived as an example of a successful Asian country with a developed society and laws. Recently, however, the authority of South Korea has been significantly spoiled … Read More