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AAA Music | 3 July 2022

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Most Recent - Part 2

European Gambling: Peculiarities and Problems

5 February 2022 |

Europe accounts for a huge share of the gambling activity taking place around the world. The history dates back to ancient times but has shown constant improvement to date. It has several land-based casinos that have been a big attraction … Read More

From Bach to Beyonce: The Evolution of Wedding Music

30 January 2022 |

Wedding music has come a long way since the days of chamber orchestras belting out Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” as the bride takes her first tearful steps down the aisle. While the classics still have their place in more-or-less traditional ceremonies, … Read More

Exotic and Unusual Musical Instruments That Are Easy to Learn

22 January 2022 |

Did you know that around 34% of adults know how to play a musical instrument? While many adults learn to play new instruments, most of them learned how to make music as a kid. 

If you want to learn to … Read More

Tips for Setting up a Home Recording Studio

17 January 2022 |

Recording in a professional recording studio is expensive. In addition, these days, technology has reached such a level that a computer, DAW, desire, and some skills are enough to create hits. Therefore, more and more beginners and famous musicians create … Read More

Band History: Queens of the Stone Age

10 January 2022 |

Do you love great music?

If so, join the club. After all, music is one of the essential parts of life. There’s nothing like listening to the perfect song to lift your spirits, help you fall in love, get motivated, … Read More

How to Make It as a Musician: Tips for 2022

10 January 2022 |

Musician teaching his girlfriend playing electric guitar

A recent study found the global recorded music industry enjoyed revenues of US$21.6 billion. This staggering figure highlights the ongoing popularity of this entertainment sector, and many people would love to work in this … Read More

A Quick Guide to Queens of the Stone Age Albums

10 January 2022 |

When you come across “Best Albums of All Time” lists, undoubtedly, you’ll find the Queens of the Stone Age on some of these lists. The Queens of the Stone Age have made seven studio albums since the mid-90s, solidifying their … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide on How To Start Recording Songs

19 December 2021 |

If you’ve ever had the dream of being a recording artist, get excited — it’s more possible than ever. 

The music recording industry in the United States recently grew by $1.5 billion when compared to the same stretch of time … Read More

How to Download Songs on Macbook

19 December 2021 |

According to one recent report, around 100 million people actively use Mac computers. Does that include you? If so, then it’s important to know how to get the most out of your machine. 

That includes knowing how to listen to your favorite … Read More

Winning Big: How to Find the Best Online Casino

19 December 2021 |

Green table with casino chips, cards on notebook, image of poker player on screen of laptop. Concept for online gambling

Gambling online might be a stressful idea to some people out there. It’s harder to trust that the odds are … Read More