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AAA Music | 24 January 2022

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review | AAA Music - Part 59

The Chanteuse And The Crippled Claw – Are You One?

22 November 2010 |

Goodness I have missed Candie Payne and it takes less than twenty seconds for me to remember everything about her that made me fall in love in the first place. The contrast between the warm tone of her vocals … Read More

Middle Class Rut – No Name No Colour

22 November 2010 |

Sacramento two piece Middle Class Rut are in possession of the greatest song title in the known universe. That song title is Busy Bein’ Born and it sums up their manifesto in three words, it’s catchy, its succinct, it’s … Read More

Anberlin – Dark is The Way, Light is the Peace

22 November 2010 |

At the risk of sacrificing any journalistic integrity I may have had, I am an atheist. A committed atheist at that. You, dear reader, might be wondering why this is an issue, but all of Anberlin are equally committed … Read More

Younger Brother – Night Lead Me Astray

7 November 2010 |

Having never heard of Younger Brother, I’m not entirely sure what I expected when I listened to their ‘Night Lead Me Astray’ EP but whatever I thought I didn’t think that it would be anywhere near this good. Opening … Read More

No Machine – On Ebay

7 November 2010 |

‘On Ebay’ is one of those strange songs that you know that you should like but are left feeling a little bit like you have been short changed. The vibe is mellow which is in contrast to the huge … Read More

Spring Offensive Release 14min ‘Mega-single’ For Free! Hear It & Get It Here!

20 August 2010 |

Fans of intelligent, arty and dynamic indie-rock are in for a treat as Oxford pioneers Spring Offensive unveil that their near 14-minute long track, ‘The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters’ will be available for free download from todayRead More

Tweak Bird – Tweak Bird

16 August 2010 |

And so the quest for the name that gives the least clues to musical style continues with Tweak Bird’s self-titled offering. You would be forgiven for assuming that Tweak Bird are another twee indie-folk wittering, but this could not be … Read More

Richard Ashcroft&The United Nations Of Sound-United Nations Of Sound

8 July 2010 |

Richard Ashcroft comes back with a new solo album, supported by United Nations of Sound, a group of top American soul players.

It’s not an easy album, it contains a lot of religious references, Richard seems to be affected … Read More

Sound Of Guns – What Came From Fire

21 June 2010 |

Sound Of Guns are the latest in a suddenly flourishing lineage of bands that sound a bit like that. As in, what if we put The Killers in a room with Coldplay. Their debut album, ‘What Came From Fire’, … Read More

The Amazing – Wait For A Light To Come

14 June 2010 |

Falling somewhere between folk and rock, Wait For A Light To Come is the follow up to Swedish quartet The Amazing’s 2009 self-titled debut album. Only six tracks long, the record is what you would call short and … Read More