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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 5

Iron Maiden – El Dorado

10 June 2010 |

The intro sounds like classic Maiden from the 80’s with a very distinctive bass line but the guitar sounds like a guitar from a pub rhythm and blues band. It seems like something they have rushed a little, on … Read More

Field Music – Let’s Write A Book

7 June 2010 |

Field Music is one of the most ambitious projects in the panorama of indie-art-rock of the 2000s and their album Field Music (Measure) is a fine gem of aesthetic beauty.

Now the Brewis family, from Sunderland, comes back with … Read More

Delphic – Counterpoint

6 June 2010 |

Delphic new single Counterpoint has gained loads of radio play, and well deserves it. Brilliant electro rock-pop tune, has got it all to get you dancing your way to the festival season, from the sparkling synth intro to the … Read More

Tinie Tempah – Frisky

6 June 2010 |

Tinie Tempah new single Frisky pretty much follows the path of the chat topping Pass Out. Filled with synths and stomping beats and the witty and funny lyrics – now Tinie’s trademark, Frisky can definitely top the charts as … Read More

Too Young To Love – Vault of Heaven/Down to the Infinity

5 June 2010 |

Too Young To Love must be a band that loves to trick its audience, because they do it so well on “Vault of Heaven”. It floats in on a bed of ambient esque synths, cellos and hushed vocals, and … Read More

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line

5 June 2010 |

I suppose the easiest thing you can say about Pony Pony Run Run is how ever so slightly unorthodox their name is, so I will raise my journalistic standards and look beyond that hurdle into their rock inflected elec… … Read More

The Xcerts – Slackerpop

4 June 2010 |

The Aberdeen trio comes back with a rock single, supported by an angry video which depicts the band dismembering mannequin torsos, picturing the tune lyrics “I’ll be your man, I’ll be your mannequin”. These guys are angry, and they … Read More

Noisia – Split The Atom

31 May 2010 |

Noisia new single Split The Atom comprises everything the debut album is about: great deal of experimental sound, drum ‘n’ bass, techno beats, synths.

At times it reminds me of The Chemical Brothers early sound, with flashbacks of summer … Read More

fun. – All The Pretty Girls

31 May 2010 |

The nicer, less annoying but equally powerful version of Mika comes from NY and is impersonated by Nate, the lead singer of fun.

All The Pretty Girls embodies all the influences their have, twist and thorn until the … Read More