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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 3

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Say No To Love

5 July 2010 |

If anyone was to ever ask me what dreampop is, I would previously have shown them that Medicine track that was in The Crow. However, that honour has now been replaced by another two tracks: the latest single release … Read More

General Bovine & The Justice Force 5 – Fight The Fight/J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Force Dance

1 July 2010 |

Upon reading the press release for this band and their new double A-side single, my jaw dropped and I was sorely tempted to copy and paste it all and leave it at that. The Brighton-based General Bovine & The … Read More

Straight Lines – Loose Change

1 July 2010 |

Wales seems to be experiencing another flux in its musical history right now, this time producing a new breed of pop-punk music that could be called emo. Straight Lines are, along with their impending partners in gigging, … Read More

Sharam Jey feat. Andreas Hogby – Hearts of Stone

1 July 2010 |

Reminding me of the jingle of I – can’t – remember –which- commercial, Hearts of Stone is a catchy dance song, that blinks both to rock and thrilling electro so well supported by Andreas Hogby’s dark vocals that  you’ll … Read More

Diagram Of The Heart – Dead Famous

28 June 2010 |

AAAmusic asked two reviewers their view on the new single ‘Dead Famous’ by Diagram Of The Heart. Here’s what they both think of it!

– The first single is a vitally important stage of a bands existence. It needs … Read More

Standard Fare – 15

26 June 2010 |

Standard Fare are a young band who have recently released their debut album. The single from it, ‘15’, is a bouncy little dance-pop song about the rites of passage in modern youth, the muddled relationships and loss of direction. … Read More

The Crookes – Bloodshot Days

26 June 2010 |

Remember when music had genuine romance soaked into its fabric? Well, The Crookes do, or at least they seem to know that was once the case. With a band name like that, along with the title of their new … Read More

Lady GAGA – Alejandro

22 June 2010 |

At present Lady Gaga is a fucking icon, you can love her or hate her, but that’s a fact. We haven’t seen such a phenomenon for ten years at least, I can remember last Madonna’s changes (from Frozen to … Read More

Harper Simon – Wishes And Stars

22 June 2010 |

There are more wishes than stars…Harper Simon follows his father’s footsteps to sing an unquestionable truth. His father is obviously Paul Simon, the genius from the unforgettable duo Simon & Garfunkel, but I’ve found out about their relationship only after I listened … Read More

Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare

22 June 2010 |

This song is a tribute to the Rev Avenged Sevenfold‘s drummer, who sadly passed away earlier this year. The cover of the single is a skeleton like picture based on the drummers image; the song is really good and … Read More