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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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JAMES WOLF – No Danger

| On 08, Aug 2013


Born into music as Bitches With Wolves, James Wolf turned into the bitch-less solo artist once he moved from Dublin to London and made this, the first single of his solo career. The song has a promising start; a good beat and nice effects. To describe the genre, I would compare it to Blake Lewis‘Your Touch’ that you may have heard on the recent advert for Internet Explorer 10. Don’t get me wrong, the songs themselves aren’t all that similar, but they’re both built on dubstep and are mainly about the vocals. The only criticism I would make of these two songs is: if you’re gonna do dubstep, you’ve got to grow with it. Dubstep has evolved since it first became popular and is now slightly more subtle and less garish than these two efforts. I also would like to hear less autotune in this track, although I guess that comes with the territory if you’re going to be an electronic artist. I like this song more with subsequent listens as well; it’s definitely a grower. James, if you read this, please don’t be disheartened – at least you’ve got room to grow!

Emma Dodds