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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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| On 18, Aug 2013


‘Loom’ by Sky Larkin, is a song about deep loss which is masked by a deceptive up beat pop sound with a vibrancy that contrasts beautifully with the overall message of the song. Of the song lead singer Katie Harkin explains ‘I wanted it to be our ‘Enola Gay’, pop on the surface with a darkness that the casual listener might not pick up on’.

The haunting and striking vocals of Harkin reflect this message beautifully as she sings the opening phrase a cappella ‘loom loom, you’re always in the room’, which references a lingering presence or ‘personal ghoul’, that remains behind after death. Following this the song kicks into gear with an up tempo drum beat and some bright guitar playing. ‘Loom’, is a quirky and emotional effort by Sky Larkin which approaches loss with a new perspective and a new direction, giving at first the impression a song with a potentially sorrowful setting before leading you down an unexpected road with a light-hearted surface. This misleading track is the lead single of Sky Larkin’s album Motto which is set to be released on September 9th, and if ‘Loom’ is anything to go by it should prove to be an exciting, unpredictable and offbeat release that sets itself apart by quirkiness and a new approach to song writing.

Shane O Neill