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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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| On 11, Oct 2013


London based Indie-Pop-Rock-Pop-Pop (their words not mine) The Savage Nomads release their latest melodic love-orientated single ‘Jaded Edges’.

Before I begin the name is slightly contradictory but hey that’s hip(ster), totes irony.

Anyway despite this ‘Jaded Edges’ does echo of a Cure/Smiths influence that by no stretch of any musical taste is a negative. With sparse enjoyable moments I’ll concede it’s catchy, most evident during the chorus sections chanting the tag line “one week” along side a punchy bass line and opening verse.

But unfortunately the positives mainly stop there. Something feels completely disingenuous about this band, before I get into the matter of it’s a ‘love’ song. (Those who have read my reviews will know my distain for them). After digging back through their catalogue I came to realise this is a band that can’t decide what it wants, I will stress this track is vastly superior to its predecessors but ultimately probably doesn’t deserve the merit its getting.

Despite noticing many ‘keyboard warriors’ rant about its ‘brilliant’ lyrical content, personally I just don’t hear it. It’s a love song, another British Indie band talking about girls. In no way am I commenting on the competence of the musicians, more the fact we’ve become a nation of over hyping-repetitive Indie lovers, when will it end? There is nothing metaphorically clever, funny or ironic about the line “Elvis had his piece of pie, well guess what I want mine”. You’ve got to be joking right?

Daniel Garnham