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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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PALE GREY – Seaside

| On 08, Nov 2013


‘Seaside’ tells a story, perhaps from the recently departed summer. It certainly possesses the upbeat pop energy of the summertime. The sandcastles of backing harmony which grow as the song goes on keep the energy high throughout. Still, the song is not without any shades of poetics:

The sun paints on the floor
The framework of my ride
My ripple on the shore
Blend in with the tide
The daylight is blushing
With the heat it imposed
The night is forgiving
It delays the pause
I drive my bicycle in the sunlight
and wind my way along a straight line
to elude the dry void at the seaside 

The vocals are not the most impressive and a little irritating at times but I can forgive this because the summer is the same way. And overly complicated instrumentals would be out-of-place here. The song’s construction is simple but it is that simplicity that makes it so completely catchy.

Rose Benge