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AAA Music | 25 May 2024

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No Fxd Abode – Nostalgia

| On 14, Nov 2013


No Fxd Abode is made up of four friends from Glasgow- Chris Woods (Words, Guitar, Lead Vocals), Martin Seawright (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Lee Granger (Bass) and Gary Harlein (Drums, Percussion). They classify themselves as Alternative Indie Rock- a genre that has exploded with new bands over the last few years.

Their single ‘Nostlagia’ makes for very pleasurable listening. The simplistic make up of the band of guitars, drums and vocals gives a ‘no frills’- we-just-picked-up-instruments-and-jammed feel. The imperfection of Chris Woods’ vocals make this single sound like a product from friends after a drinking session at the pub, which is quite appealing for the listener and gives the song charm.

I was sent ‘Nostalgia’ as a YouTube music video and therefore the visual needs to be mentioned. It is completely black and white and the lyrics of the song are quite literally played out, with the adult band walking through the forest, contrasted with ‘flashbacks’ of young boys playing. As an Instagram user I am guilty of adding too many filters to photos. However, I still think the black and white effect of the video is unnecessary and doesn’t seem to match the beat of the chorus. Unfortunately I got bored and changed tabs on my computer to just listen to the song.

Towards the end of ‘Nostalgia’ the whole band gets a go, with instruments giving way to clapping hands, guitars and vocals only. It is a song made to be performed live and I can already picture a sold-out crowd loving the clapping and singing along at the end.

I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent, and the vocals to this track make me melt, leading me to be excited to hear what’s to come on No Fxd Abode’s debut album, released later this year.

Rachael Pilkington