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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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MEMORY9 – The Dodecahedron

| On 21, Nov 2013


Electronic Space Jazz? Futuristic Jazz? Jazz from Mars? Intergalactic Jazz? I’m not certain what my initial thoughts were, but when I closed my eyes whilst listening to this track, I had scenes of a jazz café on the Moon in my mind’s eye; anonymous smoke, aliens playing guitars, robots hitting electronic drum pads, ultra-modern metal furniture, views of other planets and the surrounding blackness. Like something straight from a sci-fi film.

Memory9’s latest single ‘The Dodecahedron’  has a serious futuristic/space vibe to it. Fusing mid-tempo drum beats, slower electronic bass, a variety of synth sounds, jazz guitars and spoken word samples of Carl Sagan talking about dodecahedrons, doesn’t sound like something anyone would ever do. However it’s something every electronic producer will wish they had done after hearing ‘The Dodecahedron’.

At 5:21 it’s by no means a short song, but it definitely doesn’t feel long either; it has great progression, which prevents it from sounding boring. Jazz guitars and spoken word keep you paying attention throughout and the ever-developing drum patterns carry the song in this journey through space. ‘The Dodecahedron’ builds up to a jazzy bass and guitar break around the halfway mark and then comes back in with full force. This keeps the dynamics interesting and breaks up what would otherwise become a tedious track.

‘The Dodecahedron’ is taken from Memory9’s upcoming EP Red Falcon, due early December on Mnemonic Dojo, and is available for free download…

Jake Paker