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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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FABLE – I Speak Words

6 October 2014 |

Fable is a brave new act on Brighton music scene. This project cannot be defined by the borders of one single genre – and that’s one of the best things about it! The debut track by Fable is … Read More

ANTONIO PAUL – Modern Daze

2 October 2014 |

I regard Australian two piece Antonio Paul closer to an art project than a band. I’m not referencing a level of visuality or an orchestrated aesthetic like say Gorillaz but rather the way that a track like … Read More


16 September 2014 |

The past can often be fertile ground for creative types; whether through reimagining of a familiar theme or simply paying homage to your influences, looking backwards can produce interesting concepts.

Unsurprisingly, The Retrospectives are a nostalgic bunch … Read More

RUBBLEBUCKET – Carousel Ride

29 August 2014 |

The strong stabs of overdriven guitars, dynamic and galvanizing, befitting for a Sleigh Bells track, are capped off by off-kilter and goofy synths that judder with jovial respite. As the first single off of Brooklyn seven piece’s new album, … Read More

TUNDRA – Tiger

8 August 2014 |

Virtually unknown London duo Tundra relatively recently released their first single: ‘Tiger’. Tundra have been described as “dark electronic” and “80s pop influenced” – two very contrasting ideas, which make me rather sceptical about the imminent and often dreaded first … Read More

EUGENE QUELL – That One Song

16 July 2014 |

The new single from Eugene Quell, comes from his new EP, A Great Uselessness. The single titled ‘That One Song’ is a heavy, fast-paced and reflective track which gives of the feelings of a reminiscing, life-weary chap. … Read More


7 July 2014 |

There’s no time to waste as ‘Not Yet‘, the latest track for Jet Setter, bursts instantly into life and immediately makes the blood rush faster through your veins. With relentless energy and a similar drive to the … Read More


4 July 2014 |

Alice Boman is a Swedish singer/songwriter who is not new to the music scene. Her first release called Skisser appeared last year and now she is back with fresh tracks. One of them, ‘Over’, is a meditative lo-fi ballad … Read More


12 June 2014 |

‘Sparks’, from their new album Threadbare, is honest and raw. Boreal Sons have gone with simplicity and subtlety to promote their tour in the UK, allowing the public to download this track for free. Originally from Canada, the quartet … Read More

AUGUSTINES – Now You Are Free

7 June 2014 |

Augustines combine gritty, earthy sounds with an anthemic vocal power on their new single ‘Now You Are Free’. The passion of Billy McCarthy is evident from the moment his voice begins a powerful tirade that doesn’t consider … Read More