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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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VELCRO HOOKS – Galaxy Police Club

| On 27, Nov 2013

Velcro Hooks

‘Galaxy Police Club’ begins like a roller coaster clicking upwards, from the first subdued guitar-flicks, to chaotic guitar-thrashing: brisk up-and-down jabs keeping you rocking. Velcro Hooks are keeping it traditional in terms of their musical style, with a noise rock/ alternative nod, and obvious psychedelic influences with boundless, ‘out there’ lyric choice. The singing style flips from pensive recital to White Stripes rally-cries in the midst of a riotous ensemble.

The other-worldly wailing of the guitar, amidst the synchronised chaos, acts as a separate entity that screams along with the song; pursuing the song structure but often soaring around of its own accord. As well as fast-paced, punky lunges up and down, there are moments of alone time with the drums and bass; that keep the track moving at sprinting pace.

‘Galaxy Police Club’  features interesting and ‘far out’ content however there may be a need to concentrate this weirdness into a more applicable package; it feels like the themes mean a lot to them but don’t really involve the listener. But this is certainly a track to let loose to, and will have listeners and live audiences head banging along.

Liam Dodd