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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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EMA – Satellites

| On 30, Jan 2014

EMA – Satellites

Satellites’ is from EMA’s second album, The Future’s Void, and is a dark reflection of the growing technological world around us; accompanied with ground-shaking sonic buzzes that transports you through a contorted, mysterious world. The experimental nature of ‘Satellites’, is something to be admired as its low sonic drones and hisses brings you into a dream state; similar to a radio signal beaming on and off.

Vocally ‘Satellites’ holds the passionate essence of Kate Bush and gives the impression of a lost transmission from the past; communicating through a wall of static electricity into the future. An intense sweeping orchestral force eases into the track and a machine-like, systematic beat brings an industrial edge to a space-age arrangement.

More and more new bands are nodding towards a 1980s-nonchalantness, and EMA are certainly on the right track; incorporating the past whilst still modernising and keeping relevance. The 2010s look to be a time of cross-genre ventures and mixing the old with the new; criteria that ‘Satellites’ follows well. Personally I’m not blown away with amazement from the song itself, but rather absorbed with the experimentation and innovative song structure, reminiscent of Sonic Youth; that will define EMA as we move into 2014.

Liam Dodd