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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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Vales – Live @ Sound Control

| On 03, Sep 2014

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Thursday 21st August, Manchester

Upon witnessing the set by the headliners tonight, I had only listened to the band on a handful of occasions when they were formally known as Veils. Much to my surprise, having not had any pre-conceived ideas of the band, or of their live performance, I thoroughly enjoyed what they had to offer.

Being in a band that prides itself of a DIY ethos, as well as performing a style of music which can be received one way or another, it’s a tough time, but the band is made up of people who all have their heads in the right place, and for them this is their passion and they put everything they have into it. Having been to many shows in Manchester over the past 11 years, from arena rock shows, to theatre environments, to small sweaty clubs, I have seen a lot, and in some ways experiencing a band like Vales in this small room has atmosphere unlike any other – just like when you go to any other venue, it has a special character to it, and when you watch a band in one of these small rooms, it creates a personality of it’s own kind.

It’s not too often that I have the luxury of enjoying a female vocal performance of a hardcore band; it is often too far and few between. I’m not quite sure why there is a lack off females in hardcore bands – albeit there are some, WolfXDown, Code Orange, are some that come to mind. Nevertheless, Chloe, the front woman of Vales, offered a ferocity, and prowess, like she was stalking the stage, and when the music hit would pounce into action, and make it an experience for everyone who was watching. By the end of the set, I can safely say, everyone who was in attendance felt a part of the experience.

Admittedly, lately my ear has not been to the ground when it comes to heavy music, but as of last night Vales have reinvigorated my interest for heavy music!

Review + Photos: Joe Sheridan