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AAA Music | 21 September 2020

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7 Tips for Making Music on a Computer

3 September 2020 |

Did you know that being a musician one of the most desired career choices for young adults nowadays? One of the reasons this is the case is because it’s so much easier to make quality music from home than it … Read More

How to Play the Drums: A Beginner’s Guide

3 September 2020 |

The drummer plays the drums.

Do you dream of jamming on the drums, just like Dave Grohl or Ringo Starr?

Learning how to play the drums is something many people dream of, but never get around to. Drumming is a … Read More

Buying Your Kid A Drum Set? Here’s What To Look For

1 September 2020 |

Drumming is a perfect brain exercise that will potentially make you more intelligent because you have connectivity to your whole brain while drumming. Research demonstrates that the physical transfer of rhythmic energy through the brain directly synchronizes the brain regions. … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Yard Of Blondes

31 August 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from?

We are Yard of Blondes and we’re from all over the place, ha ha.

Fanny (Bass/Vocals) and myself, Vincent, (Vocals/guitar) are French. But we met in Los Angeles, California and that’s where … Read More

AAA Music Approved: All From Nothing

24 August 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from? 

Jeff Kitselman, lead singer of All From Nothing. I grew up in the grunge music scene of the early 1990s in a small town just outside Aberdeen Washington, home of Kurt Cobain, … Read More

Back To Basics: How Can You Add Music To Your Youtube Videos

17 August 2020 |

YouTube videos today are nowhere near the idea of videos a decade ago. With the growth of the platform, the business has grown, and now we have the brand-new concept of video marketing in front of us. 

Pеoplе attention spans … Read More

The Ultimate Style Guide for Musicians

17 August 2020 |

From David Bowie’s distinctive style to recent collaborations between artists and clothing brands, it’s no secret that music and fashion go hand in hand. Whether you’re a member of a band or a solo performer, your personal style can have a huge … Read More

What Are Sample Packs And How Can You Make Use Of Them?

12 August 2020 |

A sample pack is a collection of sounds. It is composed of loops and one-shot sounds. A loop is a short section of sound in a track that is continuously repeated. The one-shot sample consists of all elements of digital … Read More

7 of the Most Collectible Celebrity Autographs

7 August 2020 |

Signing a signature with a fountain pen

In 2012 a copy of the United States constitution personally signed by George Washington was sold for $9.8 million. For a slightly lower price, John Lennon’s autograph sold for over $525,000.

Celebrity autographs have … Read More

How to Start a Music Career: 5 Tips for Success

6 August 2020 |

Close-up of boutique recording studio control desk.

Did you know that Spotify has over 286 million active users in 2020? 

These statistics go to show that the music industry is as vibrant as ever. Online music has given more people than … Read More