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AAA Music | 21 September 2020

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AAA Music: Sean Dampte

21 September 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from?

I am the artiste called Sean Dampte formerly identified simply as ‘Dampte’, the Awoodah Grandmaster fondly referred to  as ‘Nu Black Jesus’. Originally from the western part of Nigeria and now London-based. 

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AAA Music Approved: Ozzmanic

21 September 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from?

I Am Ozzmanic. A Musician, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist from Toronto, Ontario. 

What inspired you to get into music? 

Decided to get into music the moment I realised that if I was … Read More

Things To Consider When Compiling Music Credits

21 September 2020 |

Multiracial music band performing in a recording studio

When producing, writing, or composing an album, there tends to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. There are usually a lot of artists involved, and in many … Read More

Are You Wanting To Create Music With Just Your Computer And An Audio Interface? Here’s How…

21 September 2020 |

Have you ever fancied yourself as the next David Guetta or Ed Sheeran? If you have, then making music using just your computer and an audio interface could be the easiest and quickest way. 

Let’s go through some tips to … Read More

AAA Music Approved: Robin Kester

20 September 2020 |

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Robin Kester and I’m from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

What inspired you to get into music?

I wanted to create my own world to disappear in, to escape the colourlessness … Read More

Modern Record Player Stand Ideas – Pick One If You Like

16 September 2020 |

You are true lovers of vinyl, so are we. But you are spinning among thousands of modern record player stand ideas. Here we are to serve. 

We know the ecstatic feelings whenever reorganizing your priceless collection on a record player … Read More

Back To The Basics: Tips On How To Write An Academic Essay

15 September 2020 |

Unlike other essays or homework papers for school, academic essays take a different format and have more expert knowledge about the topic you choose. Academic writing can be the result of the research you have done on a case study. … Read More

Slot Machine Cheats That Don’t Work

15 September 2020 |

Slots have been around for many years, in fact, the first slot was introduced to the world all the way back in 1895. It all started when a mechanic named Charles Fey invented a three spinning reels machine that contained … Read More

Future of online slots: Is the end of the fruit machine in sight?

15 September 2020 |

Ever heard of Charles D. Fey? He was the inventor of the world’s first commercially available slot machine back in the late 1800s, and we would absolutely love to see what he would think about the current state of the … Read More

How to Choose the Right Mic Preamp for You

12 September 2020 |

With the ‘stay at home’ campaigns triggered by Covid-19, owning a home recording studio has become the new trend. Well, it’s never easy as you are needed to invest in the necessary equipment, the mic preamp being one of … Read More