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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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APEX ZERO – Reality Provoking Liberation

| On 18, Oct 2013


Reality Provoking Liberation is the new debut album from West London’s emcee/producer Apex Zero, released on 28th October.

On the album Apex Zero raps throughout with subject matter about social and political themes (often using news snippets to help get his point across). Apex Zero raps with an aggression and purpose, delivering his rhymes with a unique distinctive flow.

With the production on the album having a dark undertone (majority are self-produced by Apex Zero) which highlights what the emcee is trying to say, many of the beats sound like they have an influence from certain US artists but the production manages to maintain a UK hip hop feel which is good, with plenty of head nod moments throughout for the listener.

Standout tracks include ‘Power Sauce’, ‘Our Times’ (which features haunting vocals from OMeza Omniscient on the hook), ‘A Meeting of the Continents’, ‘Spray the Roof ‘ and ‘Growth’.

After listening to Reality Provoking Liberation it is clear that Apex Zero is one of the most impressive rising artists in UK hip hop; this debut offering which is a solid piece of work from the first track to the last track will satisfy the taste of hip hop fans who like hard beats and rhymes from an emcee with something to say, giving the audience thought provoking rhymes which is refreshing to hear.

Michael Joyce