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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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POETICAT – Centre Of The Concrete Square

| On 16, Nov 2013


When you buy a product and read the description, you either frown sceptically – thinking about how fake it is – or believe every single, tiny word written on the back. If bands were products paraded on the shelves – aren’t they already, though? – and you came across Poeticat, you would be probably reading words like: Spoken word, socialist, electronic, experimental, rebellious, brilliant and unique, work of a genius and so on. I was a believer of advertisement religious – as a naïve child I used to think “why should they lie?”  – now I’m a convinced sceptic, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with Poeticat‘s description.

The band, whose origins are spread between London and Lisbon, are genuinely devoted to originality and DIY, they make everything themselves from music, to costumes and  artworks.

One of their latest release ‘Centre Of The Concrete Square‘ is a brilliant ode to individuality and originality meant not as selfishness, but as culture of one’s own peculiarities. Catherine Martindale‘s lyrics are fascinating, honest, strong and beautiful as only poetry can be. The song mixes punk and electronic veins with socialism and poetry. A mix that either works perfectly or crumbles and fails. The band managed everything perfectly.

Easily one of the truest piece of music I had the pleasure to encounter lately.

Monica Guerrasio