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AAA Music | 22 April 2024

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| On 17, Feb 2014

Let Me Go Artwork

‘Let Me Go’ is not like anything I have ever heard before. This single by Josephine & The Artizans is a perfect mix of hip-hop, classical, rock, and pop, and shows how any kind of music can be blended together to form a very special hybrid genre.

The rough, street sound of the rap verses contrasted with the purity of the classical opera chorus and the violin weaving its way seamlessly through a heavy, cymbal-focused drumbeat makes for an interesting listen that sweeps you up in the track’s drama.

Josephine & The Artizans are a London-based “Hip-opera” band, which formed when Josephine, a classically trained vocalist, became tired of the gap between the classical music arena and the modern pop scene and set about recruiting musicians for a new project. The eleven-piece band has matured to create a sound that is a fresh, unique contribution to today’s music industry.

Having released their debut single, ‘Lacrymosa’ in October 2013, Josephine & The Artizans are showing off a positive progression into a more settled sound in ‘Let Me Go’ and if they stay on this upwards trend they are in good stead to produce some fantastic music in 2014.

Rachael Pilkington

‘Let Me Go’ is out as a free single today. Download it for free from here…