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AAA Music | 24 April 2024

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| On 24, Apr 2014


New single from We Cut Corners ‘BLUE’ kicks off with raw, atmospheric guitar scratches, and energetic clambers of the drums to grab your attention immediately… and hold it. The passionate and angst-tainted female cry is reminiscent of a Siouxsie and the Banshees’ conviction mixed with an Alabama Shakes roar and clatter. The moments of crashing harmony wonderfully coincide and add real weight and appeal to the track.

‘BLUE’ proves to be more than just an ‘angsty’ rock song, with a level of musical and lyrical maturity riding through the song. There is a nod towards the old sensitive and agitated styles seen in the Pixies, Placebo or Smashing Pumpkins, where the pure emotion is clearly apparent. The powerful yet unprocessed and raw approach of the track certainly makes for an impassioned listening experience, notably due to an avoidance of pristine and ‘plastic’ recording. Rather it’s coarse and ‘on-the-edge’, a real advantage for this style of music.

Liam Dodd