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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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MILAGRES – Jeweled Cave

| On 26, Apr 2014

Milagres photo 5 2014 SMALL

If it sounds and looks like an 80s revival, then it’s an 80s revival. After their first album Glowing Light, the Brooklyn quartet Milagres have unveiled the video for their latest single ‘Jeweled Cave‘, from their second album Violent Light.

On top of their original and unique sound, the flair for evocative and literary lyrics, the band adds a hint of David Bowie – the consequent synth and pop hints that come with the musician’s heritage – and more influences coming from Kate Bush, Al Green, and Peter Gabriel.

The song is an explosion of colours and instruments. A pulsating and steady drumbeat explodes in the refrain, Wylson‘s enchanting and magnetic voice drags you down a spiral of words and sounds, and when the guitars and synths come forward from the background they magnify the effect by delivering the punchline.

It’s calculated and beautiful, impeccably executed, but – at the same time – doesn’t sound pretentious or fake. Milagres managed a wise balance between a polished production and a passionate, emotional release through their lyrics and instruments. It’s grown up-art.

Monica Guerrasio