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AAA Music | 24 April 2024

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| On 25, Apr 2014


Cotton Wolf, the atmospheric musical union of Welsh ‘Super Producer’ Lilion Robertson and classically trained composer Seb Goldfinch, have released their second EP after their first offering swept into Europe at the tail end of 2013.

Influenced by the likes of Jon Hopkins and PNAU, Cotton Wolf bring a subtle mix between dance music and ambient electronica. The EP opens up with ‘Cloud City’ – a powerful and confident tune that features acoustic guitars and layers of infinite sounds. A bit brighter than Boards of Canada and a bit  less ‘dancy’ than PNAU – with psychedelic synthesizers, and vocal samples, a fair amount of reverb and emotion, this tracks definitely stands out.

A meticulously crafted soundescape come along with ‘Singapura’, the second track. A cinematic experience, though working as a whole, doesn’t become memorable.

Featuring  Suzie J, ‘Far Away’, the third track of the EP, creates a great combination of her soulful and warm vocals and the electronic atmospheres. The mechanical, industrial beats and the counter posed guitars makes for the strongest composition of all of them. Suzie J deliveries a sweet yet powerful melody that makes this song stand out among all the other electro beats out there.

Last track, ‘Mir’, is a mid-tempo track, extremely well crafted and filled with interesting sonic elements. A good finish to a good EP. It would be nice to see them collaborating with vocalists in the future; I think this is where they can achieve more tangible success.

Laura Carvajalino

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