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AAA Music | 3 July 2022

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AUGUSTINES – Now You Are Free

| On 07, Jun 2014

AUGUSTINES - Now You Are Free

Augustines combine gritty, earthy sounds with an anthemic vocal power on their new single ‘Now You Are Free’. The passion of Billy McCarthy is evident from the moment his voice begins a powerful tirade that doesn’t consider letting up for a second.

The band have described the song as being about “driving from someplace that has been holding you back” and the relief at their freedom is obvious from the get-go. Though there may not be too much intricate detail in the construction of the song, the chord progressions are fairly basic and the tones are a little short of inspired, it remains to be an uplifting track with a promising message that is easy to get behind. Perhaps the most impressive aspect, towering vocals and genuinely enticing lyrics aside, is the band’s use of dynamic contrast throughout – making those defining moments into truly memorable climaxes.

With a message that’s easy to get behind, ‘Now You Are Free’ is an inspired anthem that is already garnering the radio play it deserves.

Ciaran Steward