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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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CARIBOU – Can’t Do Without You

| On 10, Jul 2014

CARIBOU - Can’t Do Without You

Daniel Victor Snaith, the man with several musical aliases such as Daphni and Manitoba, is best known to us as Caribou. With his fourth studio album Our Love due to be released on October 6th through Merge records, is our first delight from the Canadian composer’s forthcoming album. Relaxed and nonchalant saturated synths introduce approximately the first minute and half of the song, as the soulful repetition of “I can’t so without” is sung, which transitions into a blissful sanguine developmental slice of electronica as the synths, drums and bass become more persistent and intense. This erupts into an ostentatious climax point echoing the glowing and glittering ecstasy of this record, one to be played on the hottest days in the summer sun. It eventually mellows out to Snaith’s hushed vocals, a perfect example of feel-good electronic music with spirit and heart, highlighting the beautiful fluidity and production Caribou has crafted over the years.

Lois Browne