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AAA Music | 5 July 2022

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| On 11, Jul 2014


A Composer, producer and singer, Lydia Ainsworth is a triple threat. ‘Malachite’ is taken from her debut EP Right From Real Pt. 1, which was released via Arbutus Records on June 10th. Opening with an unidentifiable whirring, the song cuts to a tribal drum beat, underplayed by intergalactic electronic keyboards and incorporated drum machine claps, which are contrasted against a spectral landscape of sound. Operatic vocalisations and Ainsworth’s ghostly voice interplays with a haunting piano, adding to the eerie fragmented feel of the cathodic track, which at times makes for an uneasy listen. Abstract, experimental and bizarre musical combinations makes ‘Malachite’ intriguing and just gives us a slight glimpse into the crevices of Lydia Ainsworth’s creative mind and makes you wonder what more she has in store. Originality is hard to define or classify, but it’s not difficult to work out where this song falls.

Lois Browne