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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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| On 16, Jul 2014

Call Up The Whales EP

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Ginger And The Ghost is the project of two mixed media artists Missy and Daniel who set out to create music artlessly and on their own terms, taking inspiration from the positives and negatives in life from ‘love and loss’, ‘victory and defeat’ to ‘the darkness and the light’. Currently available through Rabble Records, Call Up The Whales EP consists of four tracks which explore the duo’s contrasting counterparts.

The opening title track of the EP begins with Missy’s breathy otherworldly vocals, which is underplayed by Spanish auditory guitar and military drumming, producing an anthemic sound. Changes in the tempo and melody throughout also takes the listener on a journey, as it morphs from the spectral and introspective to the strident chorus. ‘The Mark Of Hearts’ is an example of just how beautiful the simplicity of acoustic guitar can be. Whimsical and lulling, it puts emphasis on Ginger And The Ghost’s other three important influences of magic, fantasy and play which sums up the twosome’s dream-folk. Violins feature on ‘Throwing Arrows’, adding a haunting sadness to ominous outlook of the lyrics. The last song on the EP ‘Teenage Flower’ opens with soft murmurs, while the delicate tones of Missy’s vocals and relaxed tribal beats combine to produce a piece of music which not only compliments the song title, but is poignant. If you are looking for a bit of escapism and something more leftfield in the folk-sphere Ginger And The Ghost are calling.

Lois Browne

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