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AAA Music | 24 June 2024

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 2

The Beatsteaks – Jane Became Insane

16 July 2010 |

In case it passed you by, there is a band from Germany called The Beatsteaks and recently they released an album which I would without a moment’s hesitation say is in the top 5 releases of 2010 … Read More

Beat the Radar – By the Sea/Miracles

13 July 2010 |

I really don’t want to make a habit of this but I find myself agreeing with what The Daily Mirror has to say. The accursed tabloid said “Pucker up, Indie Rock, here comes a kiss of life.” And listening … Read More

Mark Ronson & The Business International – Bang, Bang, Bang

13 July 2010 |

‘Bang, Bang, Bang’, the new single by Mark Ronson & The Business International is a phenomenally resounding triumph of style over substance. Shimmying an acoustic synth line simultaneously underneath and over some heavily processed vocals, as well as rapping … Read More

Standard Fare – Philadelphia

13 July 2010 |

Right. I think we’re all in agreement. Long distance relationships are bullshit. The whole, fundamental point of a relationship is that the two parties see one another on a regular basis, enjoy their company (interpret that how you wish), … Read More

The Fanclub – Madman/Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls

8 July 2010 |

What first hit me when I was listening to The Fanclub’s Madman was how enjoyable a track it is. It manages to be catchy without sacrificing its emotional element, a feat that may sound simple, but that a lot … Read More

Dan Sartain – Doing Anything I Say

8 July 2010 |

So here we are in the sweaty pits of a white picket fence suburban summer, the teens all chewing bubblegum and sighing away the best part of the day waiting to grow up, when out of nowhere comes the … Read More

Black Daniel – Ivy

8 July 2010 |

Black Daniel’s latest effort, Ivy, is an interesting track. Combining elements of electronica and indie whilst continually jumping from guitar to heavy beats to layered vocals means Ivy is far too interesting and energetic to be classed as pop, … Read More

Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

8 July 2010 |

The first single to be released of Tokyo Police Club’s latest full-length album, Champ, Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) is as catchy and upbeat as anything you’d expect from this band. Successfully combining elements of indie and pop seems … Read More

Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

5 July 2010 |

Well this is a first. What we have here is a young English girl with a sumptuous soul voice, who sings in her own accent. She doesn’t sound American. That is unprecedented, and I may overuse that word, but … Read More

Post War Years – White Lies

5 July 2010 |

Let me pose you a question: have you ever wondered what an indie-influenced band would sound like if it had a glitchy hip-hop undertone? While you contemplate that, the music industry will most likely coin the subgenre “glitch-hop”, and … Read More