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Being a music reviewer for AAAmusic has allowed me access to tunes that I wouldn’t necessarily come across on my own, and when I am directed to music like this, I am very thankful for the opportunity. Indie Pop band, Reverend and the Makers, has produced something that is very much worth listening to in ‘The Only [...]

DEF LEPPARD – Slang Deluxe Edition

DEF LEPPARD - Slang Deluxe Edition

There are some bands that don’t need any introduction. Def Leppard is one of them. Their name gets our minds straight into the New Wave of British Heavy/Glam Metal of the ‘80s, when the hair was long and the guitars were emphasised. Songs such as ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Let’s Get Rocked’ are [...]



‘Said and Done’ is the first single from Sofie Winterson’s debut album and will get her noticed from the start with its unusual video, which blends perfectly with the kitsch pop and electronica. Its kitsch and eccentric style is what makes it so appealing, dancing among bin bags and eating macaroons in the gutter. It has [...]

RARE MONK – Splice

RARE MONK - Splice

Experimental indie rock band Rare Monk’s dreamy new single ‘Splice’ is out and ready for download now. The track has a floating and spacey style, perfectly captured by the accompanying video, which is wonderfully rendered. Twinkling guitars meet melancholy vocals and pull at the listener’s thoughts and emotions like a hook; the video reflects this feeling [...]


Speaking In Italics

The bank Speaking in Italics are an alt-rock band from Leicester. The newcomers formed in 2011 and have been accepting numerous support slots around the UK in 2014. After touring in February, Speaking in Italics have put out a free track to stream  for their fans to hear and to hopefully grab some new ears along [...]

MARC FORD – Blue Sky

MARC FORD - Blue Sky

American blues rock guitarist Marc Ford is an ex guitarist of the well known Black Crowes and has been the leader of Fuzz Machine, The Sinners, Burning Tree, The Neptune Blues Club and Jefferson Steelflex. Marc’s new solo album Holy Ghost, featuring his backing band Phantom Limb, is released on Monday April 14th, 2014 on [...]



Bury Tomorrow are a five piece metal core band from the South East of England and formed in 2006. The band are back this year with new album Runes, which is their third studio album to date. The album’s predecessor, Union of Crowns, was an interesting step away from the sounds within their first album Portraits, and Runes [...]

HOW TO DRESS WELL – Words I Don’t Remember


As the first studio recording since 2012’s highly praised ‘Total Loss’ follow up single ‘Words I Don’t Remember’ has been a treat worth waiting for, as Tom Krell - the mastermind behind How To Dress Well - has clearly been making good use of his time. Posted to YouTube originally the song is a genre clash between [...]

OUR FUTURE – On Surface

OUR FUTURE - On Surface

Our Future is a four-piece band from New York City. The track ‘On Surface’ is taken from their debut EP Perennial Construct, which will be released in April via Address label. This is a curious avant-pop piece making an effort to embrace noise, electronica and soft indie. Confident vocals are supported by buzzing industrial noises and [...]

WATER LIARS – Water Liars

Water Liars

Mississippi born and bred Water Liars have been touring their native US for the past two years in support of a string of album releases. Their debut record Phantom Limb helped kick start a gentle hum of interest, lasting up to their sophomore record Wyoming, released in March 2013 on the prestigious Fat Possum label. The [...]