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TOMAS DONCKER BAND – Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project


It’s refreshing to hear the Tomas Doncker Band doing versions of these classic tunes that stray from the confines of the Chicago Blues. On this album there’s a mix of flavours from Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz and more. There’s even a modern Dub Reggae version of the Tomas Doncker Band doing a Howlin’ Wolf song. [...]


Noura Mint Seymali

The sound of the desert, during the last few years, has been transformed. Like dunes moulded by a spell of Sirocco, the ever-changing political and cultural scenario has shaped and reshaped the North Africa music scene too. New artistic regions have been dusted off from their patina of anonymity and they have been finally noticed. Among them, Mauritania [...]

KILLER BE KILLED – Wings Of Feather And Wax

KILLER BE KILLED - Wings Of Feather And Wax

In theory, looking at the members of this group, it should be one of the best things ever. Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato, Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch. That’s Soulfy, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, and ex-The Mars Volta members. This group of musicians should write songs that redefine alternative heavy music. Do they? Well… Killer [...]

SHOW OF HANDS – Centenary

SHOW OF HANDS - Centenary - Words & Music Of The Great War

Over sixteen million soldiers and civilians died in The First World War, with a devastating effect on Britain. For four brutal years soldiers experienced horror, humour, comradeship, drunkenness and exhilaration in the trenches. Two popular and fine actors, Jim Carter (Downton Abbey) and his wife Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter), have joined the respected West Country [...]



Acollective are a curious band that has been nurtured by a bunch of drastically different influences – both musical and cultural ones. Their career started in Tel Aviv – a city known for a funky mix of people and trends from all over the world. No wonder, therefore, that the music by Acollective is a [...]



Maybeshewill is a classic post-rock project from the UK. They surprise with their soulful melodies, enchant with the vibrant rhythms and leave listener stranded of the islands of their thoughts and feelings. Ahead of releasing their latest album on August 25th, the band present ‘In Amber’ – the single hiding their secret recipe for the perfect [...]

FEED THE RHINO – Deny And Offend

FEED THE RHINO - Deny And Offend

I’ve seen Feed the Rhino live. It was a pretty wild and energetic set – plenty of heads banging along to their groovy riffs, and fists flying to the heavier bits. ‘Deny And Offend’ makes me want to go and see it all again. It has everything a Feed The Rhino track should have: riffs [...]

JOSE JAMES – While You Were Sleeping

JOSE JAMES - While You Were Sleeping

Singer-songwriter José James comes back with a new dynamic and a colourful album, While You Were Sleeping. After his debut record No Beginning No End, José hasn’t lost his originality and talent for mixing genres, weaving elements of indie rock, folk, funk, blues, hip hop and RnB into a confident and worthwhile album. It starts [...]

MAMA KIN – The Magician’s Daughter


Winner of a WAM Award for Folk Act of the Year 2013, and nominated for an AIR and ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots Album 2013, Fremantle-based singer songwriter Danielle Caruana who goes under the stage name Mama Kin has recently released her fourth album. The Magician’s Daughter is a soulful collection of songs [...]



Mr. Tembo, the main character of this Damon Albarn song, is a latter day Dumbo. A hero in tusks and proboscides, who shares, with the Disney character, a heart-rending story. Tembo (translated elephant), like many other elephants in Tanzania, is an orphan of poaching. His mother has been killed and the poor pachyderm ended up living [...]