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There it goes: a band that is more than a simple band. The Dead Daisies, the Australian group formed in 2012, have made their talented music iconic thanks to a rotation of top rock musicians line-up during their career. The three founding members – Jon Stevens (singer of Noiseworks and INXS), Richard Fortus (guitar from Guns N’Roses) [...]

ICE CUBE – Drop Girl

Ice Cube - Review - AAAmusic

When it comes to writing lyrics for gangsta rap, Ice Cube is your man. Ice has legendary status and without a shadow of a doubt is one of the originals in West Coast Hip Hop, and as a fan of those originals I was sceptical about such a great legend of the game taking on [...]

KAN WAKAN – Like I Need You

KAN WAKAN - Like I Need You

Kan Wakan is a fresh music project from Los Angeles started back in 2012. The song ‘Like I Need You’ is taken from their debut album Moving On, which was released on August 11th via Virgin EMI. On this track the band play stylish dream pop with a retro twist. Partly 60s movie soundtrack, partly light [...]

RUBBLEBUCKET – Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride

The strong stabs of overdriven guitars, dynamic and galvanizing, befitting for a Sleigh Bells track, are capped off by off-kilter and goofy synths that judder with jovial respite. As the first single off of Brooklyn seven piece’s new album, Survival Sounds, we see a band with an uncompromising circuitry and runs on zany ideas and [...]

THE SEA KINGS – Woke in the Devil’s Arms


Woke up in Devil’s Arms is the debut album from Glaswegian rockers The Sea Kings following on from their EP Some Dark Matters. The album fails to settle on a specific genre but triumphantly combines influences from numerous genres such as rock and roll, blues, gothic, new wave and country. The result is a unique [...]



Treefight For Sunlight have been busy since their debut album A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull crash-landed on Earth almost four years ago. Back then, the four lads from Denmark were heralded as the latest in a long line of Baroque pop advocates that began with the Elephant 6 Collective and has since culminated [...]

MOTÖRHEAD – ‘Lost Woman Blues’

MOTÖRHEAD - 'Lost Woman Blues'

Motörhead are back! After the health issues of the singer Lemmy Kilmister, the band are back with a tour that has seen them playing at the British Summer Festival in Hyde Park few weeks ago and that keeps going on all around the world. Additionally, Motörhead are about to release a reissue of their 21st studio album [...]


Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again

It’s a melding of the Scandinavian minds on this one. Norwegian electro duo Röyksopp have come together with Swede Robyn to produce ‘Do It Again’. Having previously worked together on Röyksopp’s ‘The Girl And The Robot’  and Robyn’s ‘None Of Dem’, the trio came together in December 2013 to basically just chill together: “We didn’t [...]

THE HORN THE HUNT – Terrafidella

THE HORN THE HUNT - Terrafidella

The Horn The Hunt is an exciting music project on the crossroad of sonic influences from the past three decades. This band started in Leeds with the efforts of Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne a few years ago. The new album by The Horn The Hunt, called Terrafidella, was released on July 14 both digitally and [...]

MEANWHILE – Bigger City


In the Age Of The Internet (i.e now), aspiring musicians have it both easier and harder than ever before. It’s now easier because there’s a very easy-to-use way of finding them – which is also the thing that makes it harder, because everyone else can also be found. In this Age Of The Internet, SEO [...]