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THE HORN THE HUNT – Terrafidella

THE HORN THE HUNT - Terrafidella

The Horn The Hunt is an exciting music project on the crossroad of sonic influences from the past three decades. This band started in Leeds with the efforts of Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne a few years ago. The new album by The Horn The Hunt, called Terrafidella, was released on July 14 both digitally and [...]

MEANWHILE – Bigger City


In the Age Of The Internet (i.e now), aspiring musicians have it both easier and harder than ever before. It’s now easier because there’s a very easy-to-use way of finding them – which is also the thing that makes it harder, because everyone else can also be found. In this Age Of The Internet, SEO [...]

RHYAN – When I’m With You


The simplicity of ‘When I’m With You’ is breathtaking. Rhyan’s rich vocals are entangled with a piano and cello, sounding as though they are shyly and secretly dancing with each other in a darkened room. It’s the kind of song that gives you shivers with every tinkling note or sweeping chord. However, every time Rhyan slurred the words “when I’m with [...]

JON ALLEN – Deep River

JON ALLEN - Deep River

“I just try to write music that moves me. I’m trying to express some truthfulness. There are no gimmicks, no beeps and whistles.” – Jon Allen Singer-songwriter, Jon Allen has recently released his third album, Deep River, eleven original tracks sung from the heart. He has been compared to the folk singer-songwriter Nick Drake and [...]

JOHN MOUSE – The death of John Mouse

john mouse

Absent of irony, John Mouse’s fourth record is a crash course into the misconceived simplicity of songwriting utilising the bare necessities. And while the Baloo references end at Mouse’s hospitable demeanour, the reliance on rudimental nostalgia and clumsily integrated banter, clips the wings of what is potentially a great insight into the everyman’s songwriter. Opening [...]

WARD THOMAS – From Where We Stand

WARD THOMAS - From Where We Stand

Duo Ward Thomas, twin sisters Lizzie and Catherine Ward Thomas, come from a rural farm in Hampshire in the UK. They grew up listening to inspiring country music by the Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, Alison Krauss and Carrie Underwood. Their debut album From Where We Stand, released on 21st July, 2014 on WTW Music, was [...]



Australian five piece The John Steel Singers’ new track ‘Common Thread’ is the older brother to 90s revival that actually got his life together after uni. While many bands in their current infancy are opting for baggy aesthetics and raging against hair conditioners, The John Steel Singers are suited with corduroy, button-ups and clean cut, visceral [...]

TOMAS DONCKER BAND – Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project


It’s refreshing to hear the Tomas Doncker Band doing versions of these classic tunes that stray from the confines of the Chicago Blues. On this album there’s a mix of flavours from Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz and more. There’s even a modern Dub Reggae version of the Tomas Doncker Band doing a Howlin’ Wolf song. [...]


Noura Mint Seymali

The sound of the desert, during the last few years, has been transformed. Like dunes moulded by a spell of Sirocco, the ever-changing political and cultural scenario has shaped and reshaped the North Africa music scene too. New artistic regions have been dusted off from their patina of anonymity and they have been finally noticed. Among them, Mauritania [...]

KILLER BE KILLED – Wings Of Feather And Wax

KILLER BE KILLED - Wings Of Feather And Wax

In theory, looking at the members of this group, it should be one of the best things ever. Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato, Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch. That’s Soulfy, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, and ex-The Mars Volta members. This group of musicians should write songs that redefine alternative heavy music. Do they? Well… Killer [...]