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AAA Music | 5 July 2022

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| On 24, Jan 2014


When you go to listen to Gold’, be ready for a catchy, summery tune that you won’t be able to resist putting on repeat and singing to all day. From the opening drums and fresh, light sounding guitar to the impressive vocals, which blend perfectly with their alternative/pop sound, Casitas have produced a single that deserves to become a warm weather staple.

‘Gold’ is out today – January 24 – and the loyal following that Casitas have developed are guaranteed to enjoy it. As I type this review, the up-beat chorus is dancing its way through my head, and I can’t help but bop along, long after the song has finished.

Casitas are a five-man band from Devon, made up of Barney, James, Ed, Felix and Jack. After having much success in South West England, they have moved in on London. There is no doubt that this is the song that can take them to where they want to be, with the people at the BBC already pricking their ears up.

Keep an eye on this lot; they are in good stead to do great things in 2014, with gigs all over London for the next couple months.

Rachael Pilkington

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