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AAA Music | 24 June 2019

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AAA Music meets Phamie Gow

3 March 2011 |

AAAMusic met the brilliant Phamie Gow, find out what she told us about her love for harp, piano and singing:

AAAMusic: Your curriculum is incredible: you are a harpist, pianist, singer and composer. Let’s start with a simple question: … Read More

AAA Music meets Teddy Thompson

25 February 2011 |

AAA Music had a good chat with Teddy Thomspon, read what he said:

AAAMusic: Let’s start from the album title: why did you chose the word Bella, which is not a track featured on the album?

Teddy Thompson:Read More

A chat with Josh Bray

31 January 2011 |

AAAmusic chats with the talented Josh Bray!

AAAmusic: How does it feel to await the release of your debut album? Josh Bray: It is extremely exciting and to some degree nerve wracking (although it is hard to distinguish … Read More

AAA Music chats with The Heartbreaks

28 January 2011 |

AAAmusic chatted with The Heartbreaks. Here’s what we discovered!

AAAMusic: You have already released two singles: when can we expect the debut album to be relesead? Can you tell us anything about it?

The Heartbreaks: Soon, soon… We can’t … Read More

A chat with Benjamin Francis Leftwich

27 January 2011 |

Site favourite Benjamin Francis Leftwich is just about to head out on tour so before we lose him to the big time we decided to catch up for a chat.

AAAMusic: Hiya … Read More

AAA Music chats with Yoav

19 January 2011 |

AAAmusic chatted with Yoav. Here’s what we discovered!

AAAmusic: We’re currently seeing a zeitgeist of singer/songwriters, yet your music is far from the lazy three chords and an ex-girlfriend school of writing they seem to cling to. I can’t … Read More

Two Wounded Birds tell it all!

13 December 2010 |

Fresh from a high profile tour slot with The Drums, AAAMusic were lucky enough to catch up with new favourites Two Wounded Birds.

AAAMusic: Where did the band members first meet, and how did … Read More

A Chat With The Chanteuse & The Crippled Claw

21 November 2010 |

AAAmusic: How did the project come together?

Adrian Flanagan/The Crippled Claw: I trawled the Liverpool Yellow Pages with an Eye Glass between the sections titled Female Singer & female Sinner, I rang up each one till I got down … Read More

A Chat With Dubstep Sensation AZZXSSS

20 November 2010 |

AAAmusic: How did the project come together?

Shigeru Tanabu aka Solid State Soul (SSS): I first worked with Azzurro when I played guitar on his record “Nagisa” from 2007 and kept working together since. After a while, I was … Read More

Dog is Dead: “Don’t ignore your hometown!”

12 September 2010 |

Dog is Dead are one of the most exciting acts in the UK, definitely one to watch. Unless you live under a cage, you must have heard Young – their latest single. If you haven’t shame on … Read More