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AAA Music | 19 June 2024

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ep | AAA Music - Part 2

LOREDO – Trawl

31 March 2014 |

After some legal issues with naming rights newly-formed London band Loredo have finally been able to get their debut EP Trawl out into the ether. Lead by the deep, humbling voice of Stuart Bennett, it doesn’t take … Read More

EL BORN – Kangaroo

20 January 2014 |

El Born seem to be a bit of a rock fairytale – named after the bohemian district in Barcelona, Si Connelly and Hils met through an advert. The former came from different solo projects, the latter had travelled trough … Read More

THE RHUBARB TRIANGLE – The Rhubarb Triangle

16 January 2014 |

The North of England, by generalisation, is thought to be a pretty dismal, washed out landscape to allow the creative side of the brain to produce music not tinged with a melancholic depression – The Smiths, Joy Division, Cheryl … Read More

ATLASES – Upbringing EP

14 January 2014 |

Before I even listened to this EP, I saw the words “Metal and Hardcore” and instantly become curious. I became curious because the Metal and Hardcore scene is full of a lot of dreck, and I’m always on the … Read More

WOLF PEOPLE – When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate

4 January 2014 |

When the Fire is Dead in the Grate is a new limited vinyl 12’’ by critically hailed Wolf People. This EP consists of four tracks representing few directions of a voyage that Wolf People dared to take. When the Fire … Read More

P MONEY – Round The Clock

7 December 2013 |

London MC P Money releases his new EP Round The Clock. The EP contains five tracks (with the last track being a remix of the first song) released through Rinse and is now available for download through … Read More


13 October 2013 |

While others saunter, Scary People have stormed through the gates onto the scene with their rip roaring EP Smoke, delivering a fatal blow to all those who stand in their way. Hailing from Dundee, Scary People follow in … Read More


23 August 2013 |

Future Monarchs is the moniker of Bobby Lord and Jake Anderson; two long time friends who have come together to create something quite unique. Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago these two have been making music together … Read More

HAWK EYES – That’s What This Is

19 August 2013 |

Given Hawk Eyes’ massive stylistic shift in the space between Modern Bodies and the Mindhammers/Ideas era, I was very, very curious as to what this constantly-evolving rock-pop-metal-prog-hardcore four-piece would be doing next. As it turns out, their … Read More

ANNIE EVE – Annie Eve EP

4 July 2013 |

The Annie Eve EP opens with ‘Bodyweight’, an emotional track led by acoustic guitar and soaring lead vocals with harmonic backing. The vocals are truly lovely on this track. The touching vocals continue onto the next track ‘Elvis’ with a … Read More