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AAA Music | 28 March 2020

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Daily Archives: 19 February 2012

General Fiasco – Don’t You Ever

19 February 2012 |

New General Fiasco single Don’t You Ever is a gem of ballsy self-deprecation. This is a pop song like few, stronger than rock and truer than folk. A rush of killer drums accompanies the singer’s declaration “Don’t you ever … Read More

Damn Vandals – The Beautiful Mind

19 February 2012 |

The Beautiful Mind is the new EP by the Damn Vandals. Despite what their name suggests, there is nothing screaming leather jackets and spray paint – nothing stereotypical – about their music: opener Beautiful Mind is a clever combination … Read More

NANCI GRIFFITH – Intersection

19 February 2012 |

Nanci Griffith is a Grammy Award winning singer, guitarist and songwriter from Austin, Texas whose work spans a variety of musical genres, predominantly folk and country.

Her band comprises: Pat McInerney (percussion), Maura Kennedy (vocals and guitar) and Pete … Read More

The Good The Bad – 023

19 February 2012 |

Returning with their new single ‘023’ from their second album ‘From 018 to 033’ , The Good The Bad hit the airwaves with their latest Danish surf rock offering in triumphant form. With the same ballsy riffs and brief … Read More

Mortad – Pandemic Paranoia

19 February 2012 |

Right, so let’s get beyond the “OMG A WOMAN FRONTIN DEATH METAL” stage, shall we? Altogether now… okay? Still with me? Great, because Mortad are a solid band. And not just in the way their songs slam into you … Read More

Totem Bells – Twelve Clay Feet

19 February 2012 |

There was a ghost of a half-remembered song bothering me when listening to Twelve Clay Feet. Something that recalls tired nights at Shoreditch’s infamous Old Blue Last in a haze of the buzzing that exam revision leaves in your … Read More

Gecko Chamber – The Other Side Of Sanity

19 February 2012 |

Psychedelic electro-minimalism from this Turkish duo, Gecko Chamber, whose debut album ‘The Other Side of Sanity’ is so delicately poised between the dance floor and the lounge that it might be in danger of passing both by. With its … Read More

These Reigning Days – Changes

19 February 2012 |

Fellow Devonians These Reigning Days’ new single ‘Changes’ is a very impressive chunk of deep, deep indie-rock. This Torbay trio are led by the former frontman of The Quails – Dan Steer – who only split last year, which … Read More

Sharliza Jelita – Claustrophobia

19 February 2012 |

Is Sharliza Jelita irritating or damn-right brilliant? Please help me. I need to know. The Singaporean electro-pop singer-songwriter’s new single ‘Claustrophobia’ is exceedingly infectious, but I can’t decide whether that’s because it is pleasantly catchy or violently virulent.


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