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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Daily Archives: 27 May 2012

A chat with Decapitated

27 May 2012 |

Daniel Cairns talks with Rafal Rasta Piotrowski and Wackaw Vogg Kieltyka of Decapitated probably the luckiest band in the world.

AAAmusic: Three albums that would make your ears bleed?

Wackaw: I would say Pantera – Cowboys from Hell, … Read More

A chat with Revoker

27 May 2012 |

Daniel Cairns talks to Jack Pritchard from the next big metal band from Wales Revoker about drinking and what drums he uses.


AAAmusic: Can you tell me why you called the band Revoker?

Jack: Jay and Chris … Read More

A chat with Heaven Shall Burn

27 May 2012 |

Daniel chats with Mark Weichert of Heaven shall Burn about Heaven and Hell and purgatory and what they do for a living.

AAAmusic: The name of the band is taken from the title of a ‘Marduk’ album are you … Read More

A Chat With Charlie Hedges

27 May 2012 |

AAAmusic: Do you think there is any pressure in being the youngest female breakfast DJ?

No I don’t think so really, I just take each day as it comes, try not to worry about anything and enjoy every day!

Read More

The buzz behind the Modern Faces.

27 May 2012 |

The buzz behind the Modern Faces. One thing that puzzles me about the Modern Faces is how have they done so well when they hadn’t releasing any material. Kasabian’s singer a fan and they have had quite a … Read More

A chat with The Rasmus

27 May 2012 |

Daniel Cairns chats with Lauri Ylonen and Eero Heinonen of the Rasmus about Disney Characters and flames on the walls.

AAAmusic: How does your new album differ to the ones you previously released?

Lauri: The mixing of it … Read More

The Rasmus @ O2 Islington Academy

27 May 2012 |

London, 21st May


The Rasmus don’t play many shows in the UK and this is a one off performance and tickets sold out fast and are going for a fortune online. Lauri comes onstage with feathers in his … Read More

Introducing Radjoteatern

27 May 2012 |

Radjoteatern was created by the duo pentti Lindén and pontus englund in 2010. they came up with the name radjoteatern (the radio theatre) during a trip to egypt where they noticed that almost the only thing that was played … Read More

Win X.O.V.A. Tickets!!!

27 May 2012 |

After their explosive support slot with The Skatalites last week, Birmingham’s reggae band X.O.V.A. (pronounced Cross Over) return to perform songs from their forthcoming album for a gig with London funk outfit ‘Soul Trigger‘ at 229 Club (Great Portland … Read More

SONNY LANDRETH – Elemental Journey

27 May 2012 |

Sonny Landreth is an American blues musician and songwriter from Louisiana, well known for his brilliant slide guitar playing. His 11th solo album, Elemental Journey, is his first all instrumental one with strong themes which inspire imagery. It’s released … Read More