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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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30 October 2013 |

Francis International Airport is a Viennese band that live in the past; they are associated with bands from to Krautrock movement (Kraftwerk and Neu!, just to mention a couple). Their songs are a tribute to the pop … Read More

RUE ROYALE – Remedies Ahead

17 October 2013 |

A selfmade record is not impossible for today’s band, especially if there is a strong fanbase. The likes of websites like Kickstarter makes things possible – from films to records. Dave McPherson is a successful … Read More


16 October 2013 |

All the bands come onto the market matching their sound and style to those of other well-known groups; most of the times it’s their PR trying to appeal the newbies to the press. Main problem of this … Read More


24 September 2013 |

I remember the first time I heard an Arctic Monkeys single; it was a hot afternoon in June 2006 and my friends and I were battling with the last graduation exams and dissertation. Outraged by and curious of Whatever People Say … Read More


18 September 2013 |

We all have experienced a one way crush and – fools as we are – we never realised what that was really about, until the moment we looked back and, with a new found maturity, realised we never stood … Read More


27 August 2013 |

Last time I saw Charlie Straight it was in the basement of Mother Bar 333 during the second date of their London gigs. Since then they have done pretty well – they played at The Great Escape and … Read More


31 July 2013 |

Cello, harp, guitar, keyboard, drums and a clean and sensual voices are the elements that make peculiar Talk In Colour and their sound that the band dubbed Cinematic Future Pop; it sounds difficult combining so many different ingredients but … Read More

THE GUILTY ONES – Conquer The World

30 July 2013 |

If you wonder how the pop from 60s and 70s would sound like today, you can have a go at ‘Conquer The World‘ from the London-based quartet The Guilty Ones.

The single – which will be launched … Read More

THE JAR FAMILY – Jarmalade

29 July 2013 |

The Jar Family –  a collective of musicians and songwriters –  just released their second album Jarmalade. The name of the band comes from the jar where they used collect money after the gigs and then give to the … Read More

ROBBIE BOYD – Painted Sky

27 July 2013 |

Robbie Boyd grew up listening at the great names of classical rock Bod Dylan, Paul Simon and The Beatles just to mention a couple; he started busking on the streets of London and in the … Read More