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AAA Music | 25 July 2024

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4 July 2013 |

The Melodic met when they were no more than children, they were joined by singer Lydia last September. They just released their Debut EP On My Way and left to start touring around the US. AAAmusic interviewer Monica Guerrasio … Read More

HANA B – Merry-Go-Round

3 July 2013 |

There are bands who have that quid you can’t explain, it’s like love at first sight or at first hearing. Either way you’ll crave more concerts, more songs, more albums. It’s like a fix you need to get by. … Read More


2 July 2013 |

Hana B is an Italian London-based band. They started playing together in early 2000 and moved in the UK in 2008 to record their second album Ruins’ Hotel and decided to settle in London. They finished recording … Read More

Kandija Kamara – Live @ The Finsbury Pub

26 June 2013 |

Kandija Kamara got on the stage of The Finsbury and hypnotized the crowd with her lyrics and music. Accompanied by her band – keyboard, bass, guitar and drums – Kandija played her fusion of soul and jazz with hints … Read More


20 June 2013 |

This is the third time I happen to write about The Melodic, in less than month, which will probably give you an idea of how busy the band is. Less than a month after their beautiful performance at the … Read More

Jocie Juritz – Live @ The Finsbury Pub

19 June 2013 |

Tuesday 18th June, London

Getting on stage and starting to singjust with an acoustic guitar may look easy from the outside, but you need guts and confidence to get there and to be sure you can fill a whole stage … Read More

THE SKINTS – Part and Parcel

19 June 2013 |

Part and Parcel is a thick album, heavy with all the influences that made this record possible; rapped and fast lyrics alternated with slower bits – I’m thinking of ‘Rat-a-tat‘, which gives back the feeling of being … Read More

Buzzard Lope – Live @ The Finsbury Pub

12 June 2013 |

Sunday 9th June

Writing a review is more complicated than it looks like; it’s basically translating music and feeling into words. A writer will find bands along the way that will make the task easier or more difficult. But … Read More

GRAINGERBOY – Silent Universe EP

10 June 2013 |

When people used to mention electronic music a cold shiver used to run trough my spine, I covered my ears with both hands and refused to listen at it. But then a good friend played  ‘Invaders Must Die‘. I … Read More


6 June 2013 |

After years of thinking about his solo album, Dave McPherson – lead singer and main songwriter for the band InMe – managed to publish his solo work Dreamoirs, the second after The Hardship Diaries, thanks to the support of … Read More