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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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RUPERT STROUD – Morning Light

28 April 2014 |

I was born in 1987, therefore I relived the musical glories of the 80s and 90s when they were technically already history. By the time I was fifteen I was breathing and living the Oasis and Blur sound; … Read More

MILAGRES – Jeweled Cave

26 April 2014 |

If it sounds and looks like an 80s revival, then it’s an 80s revival. After their first album Glowing Light, the Brooklyn quartet Milagres have unveiled the video for their latest single ‘Jeweled Cave‘, from their second album … Read More

PYLO – The Woman EP

16 March 2014 |

An EP is not only about the music; there’s some planning that needs to be done, and it sounds like Pylo put thought into it. Their new upcoming work The Woman EP is a superb work. The members of the … Read More

ANNIE EVE – Feversome

15 March 2014 |

There are some voices that requires nothing else but an empty stage and an audience – they are so full and thick, anything else would be a pointless distraction. Annie Eve‘s  falls in this category. With her first EP behind … Read More


18 February 2014 |

British Indie culture has seen so many contributions over the decades, and you cannot not acknowledge them, when it comes to reviewing a band. If you look at and hearThe Mispers, you’ll probably end up thinking they’re an intelligent … Read More

EL BORN – Kangaroo

20 January 2014 |

El Born seem to be a bit of a rock fairytale – named after the bohemian district in Barcelona, Si Connelly and Hils met through an advert. The former came from different solo projects, the latter had travelled trough … Read More

ED ZEALOUS – Diamonds for Eyes

19 January 2014 |

What is a summer hit doing in winter? Well it’s definitely brightening up the day. Band Ed Zealous come up with their fourth record Wired and I’ve been lucky enough to peer through the door and see what the … Read More


28 December 2013 |

It usually starts with a tingling in your toes and then starts crawling up your muscles and bones, climbing your spine and bursts in your ears. It’s an electric shock that some songs give you when you first listen … Read More


17 November 2013 |

There are some songs that are so promising your heart starts swelling with joy and enthusiasm. The overwhelming state of bliss can last 30 seconds or two minutes – some times more, other times less – it doesn’t matter, … Read More

POETICAT – Centre Of The Concrete Square

16 November 2013 |

When you buy a product and read the description, you either frown sceptically – thinking about how fake it is – or believe every single, tiny word written on the back. If bands were products paraded on … Read More